Status Reports

Current Updates

  • March 2010
    Update Description
  • Track has been laid in Glenwood Yard and the Mainline has been laid into place behind the yard.  The turnouts are being added so the yard can be switched. 
  • April 2010
    Update Description
  • Hung the new lights for the Glenwood Yard area and also into the next area that we will be working on.  With the new lights hung the layout is much easier to work on.
  • Feeder wires are being installed on all of the track and all track joints are being soldered together.  Also, the non-DCC friendly turnouts have been modified to work better.
  • All the yard tracks are attached to the bus wires now and we are able to switch in the yard.  All yard ground throws have been installed as well.  Next is adding on to the main line and getting the 10th Street Station area constructed.
  • May - August 2010
    Update Description
  • Due to it being the summer months not a lot was accomplished.  The only major update was the installation of the roundhouse area and building some bench work for future growth.
  • September 2010
    Update Description
  • The Smithfield (10th Street) Station track is being laid along with the coach yard and the supporting yard for the passenger facilities.
  • Laughlin Junction has been built along with the beginning of the marshalling yard for the J&L Steel Mill that will be installed at a later time.
  • The track is being laid from Laughlin Junction towards Schenley Tunnel and Panther Hollow.
  • October 2010
    Update Description
  • The last of the drywall has been put in place so there is no more cement block showing on the outside wall.  Now I will be able to build the bench work all the way around the layout room.
  • Working on wiring up the main line so that some mini operations can be started even if it is too and from a couple of industries.  This will help keep me motivated so I can extend the ops opportunities.